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Alex Atemasov

Who I am:

  • “Wide profile” manager, Full-stack developer with experience in Agile methodologies and team leading

What I know:

  • HTML/CSS — perfect skill, wide experience, more than 500 successfully completed projects. Experience in Twitter Bootstrap, HAML, Jade and SCSS/SASS/Less.
  • JavaScript — (almost) perfect level, experience in Backbone (+ Marionette) framework, Vue.js, a bit React Native, jQuery, work with Yandex & Google maps, ExtJS framework, external libraries (jQueryUI, Sencha Touch, HighCharts, jQuery Mobile, Raphael.js, Require.js, Underscore, KendoUI), self-written plugins, basic knowledge in Mootools framework.
  • PHP/MySQL/MSSQL/PostgreSQL — middle level. Work with Laravel & Code Igniter frameworks, PHP Unit testing, Selenium RC, TDD practice, and wrote some small sites for myself (my homepage, CRM, utility for simplification of work). Long experience with MSSQL. Basic knowledge in the following CMS: Drupal, Joomla & Wordpress (however, it shouldn't be in PHP section).
  • Management & Operations — built a team of highly qualified employees from 0 to 30 people, wide experience of use and introduce SCRUM & Kanban methodologies, participant of some Agile, TDD, Acceptance Testing trainings & conferences, also as a presenter. Have obtained the SCRUM-master position from February'09 till July'09.

What I did for last 5 years:

  • Operations: organization and support of work of the team of 30+ people
  • Describing my clients how to make their products better. Even when they don't want it
  • No UX bullshit — telling and teaching other people around every day
  • The person who resolves problems if nobody else in the team can resolve them
  • Project and product management
  • Recruiting proper people
  • Doing my job like a business owner even when I'm not
  • Development as well (UI/UX + Markup + JS + PHP + MySQL/MSSQL/PostgreSQL)

What I did & do:

  • UI Developer, “Forkable”, (02/2019–...)
    • JavaScript development (Vue.js)
    • User Interface cleanup and development
    • Build UI on Twitter Bootstrap v4
    • Attempts to write code on Ruby (fixes and updates for API on GraphQL)
    • Acceptance testing using TestCafe + integration with GitHub
    • Work with PostgreSQL
  • Founder, CEO, “ScrumTools”, (01/2011–11/2018)
    • 2013–2018
      • Team work organization (30+ people)
      • User Interface development
      • Products marketing and promotion
      • Build complicated interfaces on Twitter Bootstrap
      • JavaScript development (also, KendoUI, Require.js, Underscore libraries and Backbone + Marionette framework)
      • Markup with CSS3
      • PHP development (native, Laravel)
      • Work with different API's (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google Maps, Amazon Services)
      • Build RESTful applications
      • Work with MSSQL (including stored procedures, views, functions, etc.)
      • “Head hunting”
      • Operations
      • Two weeks experience with React Native
    • 2011–2013
      • JavaScript development (also, jQueryUI, HighCharts)
      • PHP development (Code Igniter)
      • Work with COMET
      • Work with different API's (Google Maps, Google Spreadsheets, Foursquare)
      • Write own JavaScript plugins
  • Front-end Developer, Everywhere, (01/2012–02/2013)
    • Team work organization (3 people)
    • “Fast” projects development
    • Build complicated interfaces on Twitter Bootstrap
    • Using HAML, SCSS/SASS on Ruby project
    • Developing mobile optimized web sites
    • Strong usage of HTML5 and CSS3
    • External libraries usage (Sencha Touch, HighCharts, jQuery Mobile, Raphael.js)
  • Senior UI Developer, Head of Art Group, “TeamDev ltd.”, (04/2010–12/2011)
    • Team work organization (5 people)
    • User Interface development
    • MarkUp & JavaScript coaching
    • Support big & high-load projects based on JSF
    • PHP/JavaScript/AJAX development
    • Interview the jobs candidates
    • Work by Kanban methodology
    • Joomla implementation
  • Web Developer, SCRUM-master, “WDG Company”, (11/2008–11/2009)
    • PHP/MySQL development
    • Work with Code Igniter framework
    • Javascript development (on jQuery framework)
    • Work with Yandex & Google maps API
    • Unit Testing (PHP Unit)
    • Acceptance Testing (Selenium)
    • Work with ExtJS framework
    • TDD practice
    • Work by SCRUM methodology
    • Interface development
    • SEO optimization
    • Drupal implementation
  • MarkUp Developer, “W3 Ukraine”, (09/2007–06/2008)
    • “Fast” projects development
    • Cross-browsing markup: IE6+, FF2+, Opera 8+, Safari 2+, GoogleChrome
    • Email templates markup under Outlook2003+, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera M2, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL Webmail, all browsers
    • Small experience in Mootools, jQuery frameworks and native JavaScript
  • Mobile phones dealer, Kharkov, (01/2006–08/2007)
    • Selling/buying, exchange, repair, used and new mobile phones
    • Intercourse with dealers and clients

What I use:

  • IDE: PHP Storm, Eclipse
  • Version Control Systems: SVN, Git
  • Testing: PHP Unit, Selenium RC, TestCafe, "hands and brains"
  • Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Cruise Control, TeamCity, phpUnderControl
  • Issue Tracking: ScrumTools, JIRA, Redmine, ZenDesk

Some work examples:

Foreign languages:

  • English: Full professional proficiency

Where I studied:

  • Physics-Mathematics Lyceum #27, high school
  • Higher education: Bachelor, geologic-geographical department of Kharkov National University (tuition by correspondence)


  • Personality: hard man